Amit Shah’s challenge to the opposition from Jodhpur, CAA will not step back an inch, read – 10 things of speech

Jodhpur Addressing a rally in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Jodhpur on Friday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah clarified that the government will not back down an inch on this issue. Attacking the Congress, he has said that the Congress party has misrepresented against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The opposition is misleading the country, but the government will not back down an inch on the CAA even if the entire opposition is united. Shah was addressing a public meeting in the public awareness campaign of the Bharatiya Janata Party here.

Amit Shah's challenge to the opposition from Jodhpur,

The Union Home Minister Shah started his address by bowing to the heroic land of Marwar. He said, “The land of Marwar never bowed before the enemies.” Shah told the forum, ‘Public awareness campaign is being carried out in the country in support of the amended citizenship law. Only those who do vote bank politics are protesting. We are putting our side before the people of the country. I challenge all the opposing parties, if you have read the law, then come to discuss anywhere, there is no provision for taking citizenship of anyone anywhere in the law, the opposing parties are misleading. Shah said that this law is not for taking citizenship of anyone, it is forgiving citizenship to the oppressed refugees.

10 special things about Amit Shah’s speech in Jodhpur

  • The country should not have been divided on the basis of religion, the Congress party divided on the basis of religion. Minorities are fast decreasing in Pakistan, Bangladesh, no one has worried about the refugees who have become victims of persecution.
  • The 56-inch chested man showed courage, concerned about the human rights of the refugees. I say on Dunke’s injury, India is ours for the refugees who have come to India.
  • Modi government does not do vote bank politics, India treated minorities with great respect, there are only 500 minorities left in Afghanistan.
  • Congress did not follow the promise of Congress leaders, but we will
  • Dalits constitute 70 percent of the displaced in the country. Shuffle on SP and BSP They are opposing the Dalits by opposing the amended citizenship law.
  • Riots were conducted after the introduction of this law, I want to tell those who protest, it is not easy to mislead people.
  • BJP is starting a nationwide public awareness, 500 sabhas will tell about the tax law.
  • The Congress got into the habit of opposing the issues of national interest, opposed triple talaq, Article-370, Ram Mandir, Air Strike.
  • Humiliated Veer Savarkar for vote bank.
  • Those who cut the country should be put in jail, the piece of the gang wants to divide the country.

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